Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You can have your cake Kentucky

Alex Legion, who will be nominated as a contestant for an award to be announced here soon, has apparently committed to Kentucky. Even mom sounds good about this choice. How much of this saga is attributable to the oozing-dripping-slimy green AAU stuff hasn't been revealed yet. But, Annette Williams (Legion's Mom) has certainly forshadowed future events:

Williams also cited Kentucky senior guard Joe Crawford as a significant reason for the Kentucky decision. Crawford and Legion played for the Family AAU team in Detroit, and Williams said it will help Legion to have an older player he knows on the team.

And the best quote yet:

When we went there, they gave us the red-carpet treatment. It was the icing on the cake when they had the mayor and the school president there . . . "He felt as if Kentucky was a little more serious," Williams said.

We have seen our share of the cake in Ann Arbor and thanks, but no thanks, we're not that serious.