Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Practice Musings Part II (WR's and TE's)

Wide Receivers:

was out with a knee injury and didn't practice to any degree of significance. Get some rest Mario, we're all looking forward to seeing some more ND corner toast.
There's nothing new with Antonio Bass. Sophomore wide receiver Greg Mathews won the John F. Maulbetsch Award as the freshman candidate who has the best chance for future success based on desire, character and capacity for leadership. "I think he's capable of being one of those guys that has a great career here,'' coach Lloyd Carr said. "He has great hands, he runs great routes, he's very physical and very tough.'' Brian at Mgoblog doesn't think Matthews is a deep threat. I defer to Brian since he saw it and I didn't. Nothing Lloyd said would make us think otherwise. Perhaps another Avant or Marquis Walker? Nothing more on Adrian Arrington. We certainly have depth, though. Even if Arrington doesn't make it back I suspect our corps will be more than adequate with a Senior Henne. With Arrington, we'r'e arguably the best in the country.

Tight Ends:

What tight ends? Martell Webb isn't here yet. Mike Massey didn't play. Carson Butler, well, you already know that story.