Monday, April 09, 2007

Welcome Back Coach Jackson

Michael (Mike) Jackson returns to the UM. This is a very good move by Beilein and Michigan. It may also help keep Legion and Harris in the fold. Jackson was a key recruiter, with long time Detroit connections.

"I am thrilled to have Mike Jackson rejoin the Michigan Basketball staff," said Beilein. "I did a lot of research in the days since I was hired and there is no doubt Mike is a tremendous fit for the future of this program. His experience and connections with and around this program will only be a plus for us as we get set to move forward."
While you can't blame Jackson for departing without any promises from the athletic department or idea of whom it would eventually hire, this is a terrific opportunity for him to learn under a great coach. As Jackson stated to
"This was a great opportunity for my family and I to stay in Michigan," said Jackson. "To be able to learn and work with a coach like John Beilein, I have no doubt it will be a wonderful experience
Jackson not only has local connections but appears to an excellent recruiter even outside of the immediate geographical area, and was largely responsible for Udoh's commitment. according to Scout:
"Then I had started looking back and some of my notes that I wrote down on my visit. I had prayed about what I was going to do I felt like god was not going to steer me wrong. So then about two weeks ago… I believe it was on April 29 at around 3 am…. in the morning I sent Coach Mike Jackson a text message. In my text message I told him I was coming to Michigan.
Michigan SportsCenter has some good info on rumors which were circulating on the message boards, and also a statement from a player before the rumor became official.

This also paves the way for a remarkable connection to Las Vegas if he eventually becomes our next coach.