Friday, April 13, 2007

Sweet Angel (ique)

Angelique says this afternoon that the rumors of a Carlos Brown transfer are untrue (well, at least he's decided not to transfer). She says that he's back at tailback (instead of corner where he had apparently practiced some this spring) which will add some needed depth behind Mikey Hart now that Grady is out for the year with his ACL. What's interesting to me is that, assuming no other redshirts Grady, Minor and Brown will all play their last year together. I'd like to see Carlos get a little more flexible and at least consider corner. He is fast. Even if only a fifth or sixth back, he could likely play some both ways even if only sparingly at tailback. Here's hoping he improves enough to compete with Grady and Minor. We could use a small, fast, deceptive back after Mikey is gone.