Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Like Coach Borseth

This guy sure isn't shy or scared of creating expectations. I can imagine the following words coming straight from Bill Martin:

"The University of Michigan, that's top tier,'' Borseth said by telephone Tuesday. "That's as good as it gets. You have an opportunity to potentially recruit the best in the country. The Larry Birds, the Chamique Holdsclaws, the Magic Johnsons, the Sheryl Swoopeses.

"The level of competition is so appealing. It's a university you can do so much with, from its reputation and name to the tradition. It has everything.''

You've just gotta love the names Holdsclaws and Swoopeses. While I agree with you Coach, I'm not sure the this guy would:

Then again, how would one expect a vacuum to achieve heights greater than a .500 record. Quotes are from a nice article by John Hueser at the AANews. It's worth a look.