Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today is a Good Day

Manny Harris is staying. Kelvin Grady is staying, according to the Detroit News, and other outlets, including the Wolverine pay content. Markowski of the DetNews says:

And that's not all. According to Harris, Kelvin Grady of East Grand Rapids is staying with U-M and Alex Legion of Oak Hill (Va.) Academy could make his decision as soon as this weekend.

This is fabulous. Legion should follow. Especially given his mother's quote in the previous link and this dated bit:

"Al talked with him (Beilein) for an hour on Wednesday," Williams said. " When you have a ballplayer like Al, it's not about him. What's important are the players you have around him."

Word to Al: your teammates haven't changed since you committed. If Legion stays too, I'll have a theme tune for the freshman class with an acknowledgment to Tommy's fine work to get them signed in the first place. Nice work Tommy, Coach Beilein and Coach Jackson. Avoid this obnoxious link for Coach Jackson, unless you've read my former posts.