Saturday, August 30, 2008

Utah Prediction


Rich Rodriguez will don the Navy Addidas shirt with a block M over the left chest and a navy block M Michigan cap, with the black Oakley shades covering his eyes. The Cool Zones are blowing. It's 85 and mostly sunny.

The Meeeechigan Marching band takes the field to a roaring chorus of the Hail to the Victors for the first time since the New Year.

The fans clamor about the o-line, the qb's, this Rodriguez guy who shows up on t.v. every day, and the fact that they walked into the stadium at 2:30, but didn't get to their seats until 3:00, and didn't even hit the bathroom or grab a dog.

Onto the field runs first Morgan Trent and Brandon Minor to leap and touch the banner. The Victors blares. Trent stops just short of the West sideline, turns, and is mobbed by a blue mass. They hop. And, hop.

Michigan wins the toss. We kick.


There's a slight breeze from the North. The kick is to the South end zone. It's high, and comes down on the 10. Utah returns the kick to the 15, cuts left, and up the sideline only to be run out of bounds on the 30.

Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet stand nearby Rich Rodriguez.

1st Quarter.

The first play from scrimmage, pitch left, fumble, Brandon Graham recovers. Michigan ball 35 yard line.

Nick Sheridan takes the field with Carlos Brown and Brandon Minor. Excitement in the stands. But the excitement is tentative. There is a remarkable quiet before the snap. Sheridan takes the snap, fakes to Minor and rolls right, fakes a pitch to Brown and turns upfield. 3 yard gain.

By the end of the first quarter: Michigan 13 and Utah 10, after recovering a pitch fumble inside Michigan territory.

2nd Quarter.

Three makes his first appearance. McGuffie gets a few reverse pitch carries. Michigan hits another field goal.

At the end of two, Michigan 16, Utah 10.


Fans are nervous. They look ok. But it's closer than expected. Threet looked good, they should play him more. Why hasn't Carlos played qb yet? Morgan Trent and Donavon Warren look like All-americans.

Michigan has 150 yards rushing. 80 passing.
Utah has 75 yards rushing and 103 passing.

3rd Quarter.

Shaw takes the kick return to the 35. Michigan passes the first 3 plays, and picks up a first down. Drive stalls at the 50. Space Emporer punt to the 5 yard line.

By the end of the third:

Michigan has 200 rushing yards. Minor has 100. Brown 30.
Michigan 23, Utah 10.

4th Quarter.

Donavon Warren gets drawn in on a fake run, and thrown over. Harrison blows deep coverage, and Utah scores on a 60 yard pass to make it 23-17.

Michigan mounts a drive to finish on the Utah 40. Zolt boots another deep inside territory. Utah mounts a sustained drive, capped by a 17 yard field goal with 6:0o minutes to play. The sun is heading behind the stadium. The sky is clear. Michigan 23, Utah 20.

Sheridan leads Michigan down the field after a kick return to the 30 yard line. After 3 first downs on 9 running plays, Michigan is on the Utah 20. 2:15 on the clock. After a tv timeout, Sheridan pitches to Brown, who cuts outside, and to the 7 yard line out of bounds. 2 plays later, Sheridan takes the snap from the 9 yard line, rolls left, fakes right, and pumps to the corner of the end zone to Greg Matthews. The Utah corner turns his head to look for Matthews and Sheridan takes it to the pylon, just beatine the Utah linebacker. Michigan 30, Utah 20 after the extra point.

Utah has the ball, down by 10, with 1:25 on the clock and one timeout. Brandon Graham takes out the qb on 3rd and 7 from the Utah 40. On 4th down a long pass to the West sideline fall incomplete over Warren, Harrison and the intended receiver.

Michigan 30. Utah 20.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ute Preview


And, this guy who looks like he ate some of those magic grits that cook up in 5 minutes. As Vincent Gambini asked the eyewitness who saw the Utes:

Vinny Gambini: Are we to believe that boiling water soaks into a grit faster in your kitchen than anywhere else on the face of the earth?
Mr. Tipton: I don't know.
Vinny Gambini: Well, I guess the laws of physics cease to exist on top of your stove. Were these magic grits? Did you buy them from the same guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans?

While you might think you know what Yutes look likefrom afar, I doubt they'll look the same in person, at the Big House. For a primer of what some yutes looked like last year:

BlockU also has some insight into the Utah scrimmages, mostly pulled from the official Ute site here.

Jopprus in the House. Bennie Joppru was a tight end at Michigan. Bennie was an all american for those of you who don't remember:

A four-year letterwiner and two-year starter at tight end, Bennie Joppru played in 46 career games and made 24 starts. An All-Big Ten second team selection in 2002, Joppru caught 85 career passes and eight touchdowns. He was named to the All-America first team by Pro-Football Weekly and was a member of the Associated Press third team as a senior after setting a team record in receptions for a tight end (53). Joppru ranked second on the team in receptions in receptions (53) and in receiving yards (579) in his final season at Michigan. Joppru capped a spectacular senior campaign with a career best 80 receiving yards in the 2003 Outback Bowl victory over Florida. The Wayzata, Minnesota native was the first of six Wolverine selected I the 2003 NFL Draft, joining the Houston Texans with his second-round selection.

Bennie's younger brother plays for the Utes:

"I was really excited. It was big news. I called my brother right away and talked to him about it," Chris said. "We were both pretty excited. I think he's probably going to go to it."

Prediction tomorrow.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


R2 could use this speed in the spread-n-shred:

We'll be back in a little more than 9.68.

PS. Leave it to the Domer Network not to show this video when it happened, and to prohibit Youtube, BBC, and anyone else I've looked at from posting this video in the States.