Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buckstache Primaries

Did you know that our friends in Ohio may actually decide the respective nominees of both the Democratic and Republican primaries this year? The primary will be held on March 4. As of yesterday, Hillary Clinton and John McCain have respective leads over Obama and the suspended Romney campaign and the Huckster. What does this have to do with Michigan sports ask you? The Buckstache, or course:

Conquering Heroes Poll says a suprise victory for Ron Paul:

Conquering Heroes Poll says Ohio goes for Clinton:

Monday, February 11, 2008

R2 Legal Setback

The federal district judge assigned to the WVU vs. Rodriguez case has ruled the federal court does not have diversity jurisdiction over the case. This was based upon a four factor test. The most meaningful factors being that the prospect of money is a benefit to the state, not just WVU, and that WVU is not autonomous from the state of West Virginia (more fodder for the continuation of Governor jokes) .

This is a blow to Rodriguez because, in the unlikely event of a trial by jury, the jury will be comprised of Morgantown yocals absent a change in the venue county arising from the potential inability to pick an impartial jury. More importantly for R2, this result will most certainly play a role in whatever offer to settle the case comes nex, and the subsequent negotiation. There should be no mistake that this procedural issue will have a significant impact on the result of the case.

Perhaps Rod should break out his Tiller Snake Oil and magic hat and lace the yocals with the same spell he cast upon Roundtree.

Debbie Clemens 8 Healthy Secrets

Debbie likes to work out:

So that she can look like this:

And, here is her secret. Basically, she likes to work out easy. Not too hard. Yet, she expects, and does, look pretty damn good, right. Read and utilize her 8 step process, and you will too:

8 healthy habits of highly successful fitness fans

1. Try to be the best you can be – decide what your goal is that best suits your body. Find a weight and try to maintain it.

2. Focus on a balanced exercise program

3. Make a weekly plan - I change mine every week because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

4. Always eat something an hour or two before you workout. I usually eat a mesotech light bar or some kind of energy / protein bar.

5. I love a buddy system
! Try to find others who have the same goals and interests about being fit. It is always helpful to call and keep one another motivated.

6. Never go more than 2 weeks without exercising. Sometimes we all take a break or get distracted, or life has a way of having other priorities that are important. Try not to go too long before getting back on track.

7. Remember you always feel good after a great workout and are so happy you did it! Smile and congratulate yourself for the great work you put in for yourself and your good well-being!

8. Never go more than 4 weeks without taking a shot in the rear of HGH. Not only does it help build your abs, but when you're taking them, you're cy young winning husband can plausibly deny that he took a needle in the ass for his arm. It wasn't for his arm, it was for my ASS!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Add Martavious

Martavious Odoms of the "U" track scholarship is a Wolverine. Link to Brian for more, and the video follows. Fast. And, bonus, he catches the ball with his hands. According to Scout he's 5'8" (read 5'6" probably) and runs a 4.5. Watch the video. Some nice catches. Looks like he can cut, and then turn it up to a fifth gear reminiscent of Stevie B. Looks like maybe catches the ball better that Stevie -- of course it's a highlight film, so I guess if he didn't look that way he wouldn't have been recruited in the first place.

The track schollie offer from Miami indicates a good fit for a slot in R2 offense. Short passes and reverses. He has the speed and the trickiness for lots of yac.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2007 Wolverine Recruiting Roundup, pt 1

The 2011 class thus far:

- Ricky Barnum, OL
- Boubacar Cissoko, CB
- Mike Cox, RB
- Kenny Demens, LB
- Justin Feagin, QB/Ath
- J.B. Fitzgerald, LB
- J.T. Floyd, Ath/S
- Taylor Hill, LB
- Rocko Khoury, OL
- Kevin Koger, TE
- Mike Martin, DT
- Elliot Mealer, OL
- Brandon Moore, TE
- Dann O'Neill, OL
- Patrick Omameh, OL
- Terrence Robinson, Slot WR
- Roy Roundtree, WR
- Michael Shaw, RB
- Brandon Smith, DB
- Darryl Stonum, WR
- Kurt Wermers, OL
- Marcus Witherspoon, LB

There were a few bumps along the way, but we're close to done. Looks like the only remaining question, albeit a big one, is Terrelle Pryor. Pryor's dad wanted him to consider PSU, so he will.

Mom says that the family doesn't have a consensus yet, though she doesn't care where he goes. I'm going to assume, and I could be wrong though I doubt it, that Pryor is pretty sure where he's going, and that it's Michigan or OSU (wow, I'm out on a limb there, huh?). He'll visit PSU. He won't commit there. He says Oregon is in it now that he doesn't need to make an immediate decision -- you see he now has the extra time to see Phil Knight and the Autzen boys. My guess is that he won't even visit there. If he does, watch out because the best qb prospect in the country will be pitting Adidas vs. Nike if he does! In the end, my gut feeling is he will choose Michigan over OSU. But, if he really does visit Oregon, that's likely the competition. I firmly believe he wants to play in a spread.

As mentioned below, youtubes hero Sam McGuffie has, in fact, now sent in his LOI. McGuffie is a short, fast, caucasian running back with a penchant for hurdling defensive players. This was a good get in October. He's a good keep.

Ricky Barnum was a surprise OL pickup today. He verbally committed to Florida January 12. He's a four star center. Ricky is supposedly 6-2, 265lb. "He's got great feet and can get to the next level," Lake Gibson coach Keith DeMyer said. He played Guard in HS, but is a candidate for center at Michigan. From this article, it sounds like Rod had him at WVA, and did a nice job in recruiting to Michigan. Props to Lloyd's staff, too:

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez, who visited Lake Gibson after Barnum committed to Florida, was a major factor in his decision. Barnum noted that he likely would have gone to West Virginia had Rodriguez stayed there. His visit to Michigan also played a part.

'When I went up to Michigan, everything was nice,'' he said. 'They run the same offense we ran, the spread offense. They graduated three starting offensive lineman and four backups. Where could you go possibly wrong with that one?''

Barnum called the Florida coaches Tuesday night to tell them of his decision and noted that they were a bit upset.

Awww. Poor Urban.

Boubacar rocks. His only potential downfall is his height: 5'8". Definite contributor. Probable All Big 10 by the time he's done.

Mike Cox is a 6'0" 3 star running back from Connecticut. That is all.

McGuffie Is In

McGuffie had a temporary brain freeze today. One of his teammates said he got cold feet on his way to the alter. He didn't show up at school today. The message boards were running scared that we had lost Sam to Cal after a visit there last week. But tonight, McGuffie sent his LOI and confirmed the verbal that he made in October.

Interesting comment by the recruiting guru about Mallett, that perhaps he was one of the reasons that Sam may have chosen Michigan in the first place. Perhaps that explains some of the last minute trepidation.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Nick Perry A Wolverine? (Updated)


Baahh. Uggh. University of Salesman Carroll. I don't understand how a guy like Perry decides to go play for a team with more 4 and 5 star players than all of the big 10 teams combined save Michigan and Tofu. Oh well. I will say that I overstated the importance of Perry last night in my crazed lunatic fringe mindframe induced by the Terrelle Pryor commitment not to commit. In retrospect, (not revisionist history -- there is quite a difference) Perry was probably the 3rd of 4th best state prospect, behind at lease Bobo and Dan O'Neill. Here's to riding the pine at USC, Nick.

Nick Perry has eliminated MSU.

So, where will Nick go? His brother says he ranks UM and USC equally. Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't sound like a kid who's headed to South Beach or LA:

What Perry and his wife, Debra, did insist upon was humility. It was a trait they were taught, and it's something they passed on.

And as the last of nine children, Nick Perry, despite his physical presence, is as humble a person as you'll likely meet.

Kind of old news for those of us following the rectuiting track regularly, but:

"I have been up there quite a few times, but getting around the new coaches was cool. I am feeling comfortable more and more each time I (visit). I felt good about it."

My opinion: Nick Perry is as big, if not bigger recruit for Michigan than Terrelle Pryor. Michigan has no business losing the top recruit in the state two years in a row, regardless of how crazy RoJo and him mother may have been last year.

Just Because Recruiting Is Creepy . . . Sort of Like Clowns

My wife's favorite superbowl commercial. Creepy.

Seemed appropriate given tomorrow's signing day. Oh, and according to those in the know, at 12:05 tomorrow, Terrelle Pryor is a Wolverine. Link courtesy of Brian at Mgoblog.

Monday, February 04, 2008

And, Terrelle Pryor is . . .

Going to OSU; considering Penn State; going to Michigan, will visit Oregon or not, and will announce on Wednesday February 5, 2008 signing day, or maybe he won't.

Rod brought the cavalry with him:

I'm a little concerned that Pryor has already made up his mind to attend Tofu. I am not aware that we offer a criminal justice program at the Ann Arbor campus. I had never heard of one, anyway. And, a quick search, while not exhaustive, didn't turn up a criminal justice program.

So, why do we care about that? Because Terrelle told Rivals at the Army All Star game that the only major he was interested in was criminal justice. He said that each university had a good criminal justice program. Hopefully he means the sociology department, which is ranked

Have you decided on what you want to major in yet?

Does any school listed appeal more to you because of your major?

Pryor - "Criminal Justice. That's the only thing that is interesting to me.

"The major I picked, everyone has and they're good at it.

Check this out:

Oregon: No.

Michigan: Dearborn!

Tofu: Whooa Nelly (what did you expect from a land grant school?)

You think I'm crazy. An 18 year old kid is not going to choose Tofu over M because of a major. You're probably right. But of the words actually said by Pryor, or according to a reporter anyway, this is one of the only clear things that has been said. I don't believe it, just sayin'.

Nepotist Knight

Coach Robert Montgomery Knight retired mid-season today. He has had enough. He says he is tired. He also says that he wanted to preserve a good transition for his son Pat Knight to take over the Red Raiders. In depth story from Indianapolis paper here.

I don't know whether Pat Knight had a contract, I suspect not, to succeed Bobby. No better way to assure a season Pat Knight reasonable finish, recruits by Pat Knight, and a reasonable chance to retain the job with a team which will have significant experience next year. I guess he's earned that right. But if the same happened here (which would be like Lloyd Carr retiring midseason this year to let DeBord take over) I'd be livid.

Bobby Knight highlights:

You will not put ME in this *&%$'in position:

Readily Identifiable Flying Objects:

And, the future is becoming clear:

I will miss Bobby in March.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bullshit Coutersuit

The fact that Rod and his lawyers admit that he did not comply with 90 day notice period in his counterclaim is pretty strong evidence that the countersuit will be dismissed if WVU brings the appropriate motion. On the other hand, the allegations do have merit regarding to the extent that they focus on material breaches by WVU during the contract. If WVU did materially breach before Rod quit, they do not have the ability to enforce the buyout clause. DetNews blurp about countersuit, here.

Rod QB #1 and Recruting

Justin Feagin:

He's from a small school in Florida, who plays mediocre talent. He looks pretty good, at least running the ball. Passing, can't tell. In the video, he throws a lot of long balls with A LOT of air under the pass. Encouraging out pattern completion, but there is only one on this highlight film, and therefore can't tell whether that was a second lightning strike or something somewhat regular. I vote for Steven Threet.

Update: Jaron Brown

Uggh. Jaron Brown chooses Clemson over Michigan. I'd like to chalk this up to a late coaching change, in the middle of recruting. However, I am concerned that we may have lost our edge in WR recruiting enjoyed with our prostyle offense. This is disconcerting, if true.

Update: Terrance Robinson

Terrance Robinson is a short, fast, tricky qb/all purpose guy. He will play WR at Michigan. He committed today:

"I took my visit to Michigan last weekend and was just blown away," Robinson said. "The opportunity to play at a school with that kind of history and that kind of fan following really sold me. The academic part of the equation was also very important because I hold academics high on my priority list."