Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forcier Squared

Greg Paulus was at Michigan Stadium on Saturday afternoon for the spring game. And, he claims to have an offer from Michigan. This isn't corraberated by anyone other than Mr. Paulus, who has also reported that he worked out for the Packers. Paulus, a Duke point guard of varying minutes over the last four years, has completed his basketball eligibility and may be interested in rekindling his football career. In 2003, Paulus was the New York State Gatorade Player of the year.


Michigan Daily has an interview with Jason Forcier. Jason, Tate's oldest quarterbacking brother, played at Michigan until he transferred to Stanford when Ryan Mallett appeared the successor to Chad Henne. Jason will graduate from Stanford shortly and enroll at Michigan as a Sports Management graduate student. Jason has already applied to the NCAA for a waiver to permit him to play a 4th year at Michigan.

The NCAA has changed the Ryan Mundy rule. Mundy graduated from Michigan and then played at WVU to complete his 4th year of eligibility. Which is what Jason now wants to do. But now a waiver is required. A waiver he seeks:

I’m in the same boat. I played three years of football and you have four to play. I have one more year. I’m graduating this year. I potentially can play football for one more year. You do have to apply for waivers. There’s a rule in the NCAA that used to allow you to graduate and go to a different school. You can go play without a penalty. That rule is no longer accepted. I don’t know what happened. I believe within the next couple years, I think they will have a grandfather clause with it. because all rules kind of have a grandfather clause with it. If you were an athlete at the time, which i was. So technically, you do appeal to the NCAA. I don’t know as far as what they’re like, how they go about that stuff.

Regardless of whether and if for Paulus, J. Forcier should be in the fold provided an NCAA waiver. We could use a senior quarterback with some talent and experience, whether this year or next.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where's RichRod?

We wind down the recruiting frenzy in the next few days. Michigan will be chasing around the uncommitteds, and probably some committeds between now and February 4, and you can watch Rich's whereabouts here. Tulsa was the location yesterday to visit committed Pearlie Graves. Palm Beach today, which could mean Denard Robinson or any number of potential commits.