Friday, April 13, 2007

Will Charlie Weis Have Time to Order Spot's?

The NCAA has changed the football rules (again) in its effort to control games and timing. With the exception of the reduction of timouts to 30 seconds (how would Gary Moeller have ever made a decision?) in a televised game (it'll still be over 2 minutes long by the time "Our Country" concludes) the changes seem to make some sense. The question is whether the new rules will allow Charlie time to order wings on the sideline come September 15.

1. Instead of starting the clock at referee ready following change of possession, the clock will now start on the snap after a change in possession
(which was the case before that stupid rule change that went into effect last year. See Rule 3-2-5-e.

2. Last year, the clock started on when the kicker's foot hit the ball on kickoff's and kicks following a safety. That rule has also been changed to the former version,
and the clock will start only when the ball is legally touched in the field of play.

3. Kickoffs will now be from the defensive 30 yard line, instead of the 35.

4. Following tv tiimouts the play clock will only be 15 instead of 25 seconds.

5. During televised games only, team timeouts will be reduced to 30 seconds (plus the additional 25 second play clock). I'm not sure how much difference this will actually make because the rule only applies where a conference or media agreements to the contrary does not apply.

The NCAA statement regarding the rule changes are here. The actual rulebook can be found here.