Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Nick Perry A Wolverine? (Updated)


Baahh. Uggh. University of Salesman Carroll. I don't understand how a guy like Perry decides to go play for a team with more 4 and 5 star players than all of the big 10 teams combined save Michigan and Tofu. Oh well. I will say that I overstated the importance of Perry last night in my crazed lunatic fringe mindframe induced by the Terrelle Pryor commitment not to commit. In retrospect, (not revisionist history -- there is quite a difference) Perry was probably the 3rd of 4th best state prospect, behind at lease Bobo and Dan O'Neill. Here's to riding the pine at USC, Nick.

Nick Perry has eliminated MSU.

So, where will Nick go? His brother says he ranks UM and USC equally. Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't sound like a kid who's headed to South Beach or LA:

What Perry and his wife, Debra, did insist upon was humility. It was a trait they were taught, and it's something they passed on.

And as the last of nine children, Nick Perry, despite his physical presence, is as humble a person as you'll likely meet.

Kind of old news for those of us following the rectuiting track regularly, but:

"I have been up there quite a few times, but getting around the new coaches was cool. I am feeling comfortable more and more each time I (visit). I felt good about it."

My opinion: Nick Perry is as big, if not bigger recruit for Michigan than Terrelle Pryor. Michigan has no business losing the top recruit in the state two years in a row, regardless of how crazy RoJo and him mother may have been last year.