Sunday, February 10, 2008

Add Martavious

Martavious Odoms of the "U" track scholarship is a Wolverine. Link to Brian for more, and the video follows. Fast. And, bonus, he catches the ball with his hands. According to Scout he's 5'8" (read 5'6" probably) and runs a 4.5. Watch the video. Some nice catches. Looks like he can cut, and then turn it up to a fifth gear reminiscent of Stevie B. Looks like maybe catches the ball better that Stevie -- of course it's a highlight film, so I guess if he didn't look that way he wouldn't have been recruited in the first place.

The track schollie offer from Miami indicates a good fit for a slot in R2 offense. Short passes and reverses. He has the speed and the trickiness for lots of yac.