Monday, February 04, 2008

Nepotist Knight

Coach Robert Montgomery Knight retired mid-season today. He has had enough. He says he is tired. He also says that he wanted to preserve a good transition for his son Pat Knight to take over the Red Raiders. In depth story from Indianapolis paper here.

I don't know whether Pat Knight had a contract, I suspect not, to succeed Bobby. No better way to assure a season Pat Knight reasonable finish, recruits by Pat Knight, and a reasonable chance to retain the job with a team which will have significant experience next year. I guess he's earned that right. But if the same happened here (which would be like Lloyd Carr retiring midseason this year to let DeBord take over) I'd be livid.

Bobby Knight highlights:

You will not put ME in this *&%$'in position:

Readily Identifiable Flying Objects:

And, the future is becoming clear:

I will miss Bobby in March.