Monday, February 11, 2008

Debbie Clemens 8 Healthy Secrets

Debbie likes to work out:

So that she can look like this:

And, here is her secret. Basically, she likes to work out easy. Not too hard. Yet, she expects, and does, look pretty damn good, right. Read and utilize her 8 step process, and you will too:

8 healthy habits of highly successful fitness fans

1. Try to be the best you can be – decide what your goal is that best suits your body. Find a weight and try to maintain it.

2. Focus on a balanced exercise program

3. Make a weekly plan - I change mine every week because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

4. Always eat something an hour or two before you workout. I usually eat a mesotech light bar or some kind of energy / protein bar.

5. I love a buddy system
! Try to find others who have the same goals and interests about being fit. It is always helpful to call and keep one another motivated.

6. Never go more than 2 weeks without exercising. Sometimes we all take a break or get distracted, or life has a way of having other priorities that are important. Try not to go too long before getting back on track.

7. Remember you always feel good after a great workout and are so happy you did it! Smile and congratulate yourself for the great work you put in for yourself and your good well-being!

8. Never go more than 4 weeks without taking a shot in the rear of HGH. Not only does it help build your abs, but when you're taking them, you're cy young winning husband can plausibly deny that he took a needle in the ass for his arm. It wasn't for his arm, it was for my ASS!