Monday, February 04, 2008

And, Terrelle Pryor is . . .

Going to OSU; considering Penn State; going to Michigan, will visit Oregon or not, and will announce on Wednesday February 5, 2008 signing day, or maybe he won't.

Rod brought the cavalry with him:

I'm a little concerned that Pryor has already made up his mind to attend Tofu. I am not aware that we offer a criminal justice program at the Ann Arbor campus. I had never heard of one, anyway. And, a quick search, while not exhaustive, didn't turn up a criminal justice program.

So, why do we care about that? Because Terrelle told Rivals at the Army All Star game that the only major he was interested in was criminal justice. He said that each university had a good criminal justice program. Hopefully he means the sociology department, which is ranked

Have you decided on what you want to major in yet?

Does any school listed appeal more to you because of your major?

Pryor - "Criminal Justice. That's the only thing that is interesting to me.

"The major I picked, everyone has and they're good at it.

Check this out:

Oregon: No.

Michigan: Dearborn!

Tofu: Whooa Nelly (what did you expect from a land grant school?)

You think I'm crazy. An 18 year old kid is not going to choose Tofu over M because of a major. You're probably right. But of the words actually said by Pryor, or according to a reporter anyway, this is one of the only clear things that has been said. I don't believe it, just sayin'.