Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stalking is What Internets Are For

The Pistons were not on here. (No, seriously, they weren't on -- uggh Charter. I mean, yeah, I have cable, not dish or direct tv, but I have full cable, and pay a fortune for it. This aggression simply will not stand, man.) And the Tiger game got a little out of hand in the 6th, so . . . . yes, Internet Stalking. On our newest potential QB recruit, one Kevin Newsome. These are one hitters on Newsome pulled directly from, for the most part, keyboards with which I have no familiarity, and could be as trustworthy as Drew Sharp or even Terry Foster. So read these, with the possible exception of certain track facts which have been repeated more than just the link provided here, with several grains of Alder Smoked Salt.

1. This guy thinks that K.N. is going to be all that, and maybe more.

2. ESPN recruting service:

At times will look very robotic in relation to fundamentals and at others, shows a smooth release and delivery mechanics look sharp. Accuracy is the biggest thing with him right now as he can be right on the money or really spray the ball around.

3. Could be playing at another high school next year? Unsubstantiated rumor:

I've heard that Newsome will actually play for Hargrave this year instead of his HS. Given UK's move to keep players away from Hargrave, this can't be good news for the Cats.

4. Hurdle extraordinaire. 14.1 in 110 Hurdles and 7.5 in 55 M.

5. Chesapeake, his hometown, spared the highway gunman his life in 2003. Remember that one?

Chesapeake made national headlines in 2003 when, under a court-ordered change of venue, the community hosted the first trial of convicted murderer Beltway sniper Lee Boyd Malvo for one of the 2002 terrorist-style attacks. A jury spared him a potential death sentence, choosing a sentence of "life in prison without parole" instead for the young man, who was 17 years old at the time of the crime spree. A jury in neighboring Virginia Beach sentenced his older partner John Allen Muhammad to death for another of the attacks.

6. Kevin won the Ace Parker Athletic Award of Excellence:

In track, he was runnerup in the district in the 55-meter hurdles indoors and in the 110-meter hurdles outdoors. He was runnerup in the 110-meter hurdles and runnerup at the state meet. So far, this year he has the state's best time in the 55-meter hurdles indoors at 7.44.

The 6-3 Newsome has a 4.3 clocking in the 40.

7. State hurdling title in Indoor this year.

8. Kevin has academic sights on something other than general studies?