Thursday, April 24, 2008


It's official, well at least as "official" as an unofficial verbal commitment can be -- see Jai Eugene, Roy Roundtree, Sam McGuffie et al. NOnetheless, this is a very good commitment for RichRod, the Michigan Spread Option era, and Mr. Neeewwwwwwwsome himself.

A rounding applause, ladies and gentlemen, for . . .

. . . The villain of the Scoop Carty nonstories. . . . .

Shar --- eeee ---- Aaaa ---- Cho. Kevin Newsome and his family gave Shari very kind remarks:

While visiting Michigan, Newsome and his family were able to meet and discuss the academic aspects of Michigan with academic advisor Shari Acho, something Newsome's mother specifically referred to as a highlight of his April 12 weekend visit

"I loved Miss Shari too," Newsome said. "I believe I want to major in Business type subjects and Michigan's Business School [compared] around the United States is one of the top, so that's already a great advantage for Michigan."

Take that, Scoop!