Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Blues

Quick and depressing (at least mostly) musings for this Monday:


1. Mario Manningham's burning significantly depressed his nfl value, moving him from "high" 2nd round to a 3rd round pick;

2. Adrian Arrington really should have stayed in school. He would have been far better off than going to the Saints in the 7th (that's right, the seventh round);

3. Mike Hart has always been slow (that's depressing by itself) but apparently he was so slow that he couldn't get drafted above these running backs when he was drafted the 202nd pick, in the 6th round: Jerome Felton of Gurman, Matt Forte of Tulane, Tim Hightower of Richmond, Xavier Omon of Northwest Missouri State, Marcus Thomas of UTEP, Owen Schmitt and Steve Slaton of WVA, and Jalen Parmele of Toledo.

4. Jamar Adams didn't get drafted.

5. Ryan Mundy leaves the Michigan program, is chastised and universally referred to as Ryan Yards After Mundy by Michigan bloggers and many nonblogging Michigan fans, is drafted in the 6th round (ahead of Mike Hart, even);

6. Epkeh Udoh still hasn't announced he's not transferring (is this like waiting for RoJo to commit to USC?)

Not so Uuuugh:

1. YAC Mundy was drafted, but only after transferring to the West Virgina Frauduversity where he studied ginsu ninja warrior techniques under the zen master Mike Barwis who is now teaching ginsu ninja warrior techniques to the University of Michigan.

2. Mike Hart was drafted ahead of Jehuu Caulcrick (who was not drafted at all) Poor little brother.

3. Steve Slaton, Owen Schmitt and Ryan Mundy were all whipped into shape by and drafted in part because of their ginsu ninja warrior zen master Mike Barwis.

4. Jerome Felton from Furman did 30 bench press reps, the most of any running back, in the combines, and is referred to as an extraordinary short yardage back. Maybe he can actually make the team:

Compares To: JEROME BETTIS-ex-Pittsburgh...Felton is much quicker than Bettis, but both display the powerful frame that allows them to break tackles and drag multiple defenders in attempts to gain additional yardage. Felton is a devastating scorer when near the goal line and has shown decent receiving skills out of the backfield. He might be a better fit in a one-back offense, but he has enough hip snap to play tailback and the upper body strength to play fullback, making him a valuable prospect due to his versatility.