Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 Michigan Football Spring Game

The Spring video from Big Ten Network is embedded below. It took quite awhile to get through when I played it -- a lot of breaks as downloading. The video quality, if you can get by the breaks. is very good, and there's pretty accurate commentary to help identify the players you may not be familiar with. I warn you, have another couple windows open or be watching tv, or something when you try to watch the video, it is comparatively slower loading than John Navarre's 40 time.

Some of the plays looked familiar from the Cap One Bowl, specifically some of the swing passes and reverse looks.

Steven Threet looked pretty good. The timing on Threet's passes were actually pretty good from what I saw. There is one very badly underthrown bomb, which was still completed. Potential issue is an apparent side arm delivery, though it might be limited to swing passes. He does NOT have a Chad Henne gun, though.

Sheridan looked bad. Slow delivery. And, at least at the beginning of the tape, he couldn't complete a swing pass on the clips here.

Cone is big. And he did not look good.

Brandon Minor looked very fast on the first touchdown run. Basically untouched as he weaved through defenders. Kevin Grady also looked strong, and appears over his injury. Avery Horn got quite a few carries and looks pretty fast. It would have been interesting to see how he compared at this point to Carlos Brown. While all will likely get playing time in the fall, I would think that Minor leads the way, and will assume that Brown is 1B with Kevin Grady 2.

Note that you'll hear, I think, the names of Stonum, Martell Webb.

Defensively, Brandon Graham looked very good. Stevie Brown had 3 picks, and looked to break nicely on one of them. The others looked like pretty darn bad passes.

MVictors has audio up, including an interview with Steven Threet that is worth a listen.

Varsity Blue
also has a short summary up, you might want to look at, including starting offensive line projections.