Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ricky Hollywood

Twenty Questions. Who would say this? The Man in Black. But who is this man in black:

"I was naive and reckless," he said. "I took some missteps that didn't need to be taken. . . . I was out there probably too flamboyant, too in-your-face, and if you get down to the core of it, probably insecure about going up against the guys like the Mack Browns and Tom Osbornes and John Mackovics -- the illustrious longtimers that had cut their teeth long before I'd gotten into the business. "I just didn't want anybody to think I was scared. I was going 100 mph. I just didn't want to look like I was going to back down. I just went too fast. . . . There was a time where, OK, they gave me the keys to the car and I'm going to drive it fast, instead of checking to make sure everything was in order." He said he began to get more comfortable in the job, however, and was a more mature -- and secure -- as the years passed.

Is it a male: yes. Is it someone related to football: yes. Is it a football player for a college team: well, surprisingly -- no. Well, sure, it must be pacman jones. Not so much.

While he sounds like an 19-23 year old kid, its actually a 46 year old coach. Who?

The guy UCLA just named its head man. Maybe that's good. Maybe not. Depends who you are. UCLA alumni, maybe so with the excitement of a new coach. UCLA administration, well maybe as excited as Michigan's administration would have been had Les Miles been hired here -- not at all. What about recruits? Probably not so much, at least if you're the father of an already somewhat immature 19 year old 6'7" quarterback named Ryan Mallett. Former quarterback named head coach = pretty good. Fomer cheater, gambler, and generally sleazy dude after going to Michigan where your coach is a pillar of society = uuugggh (Ryan, you're not serious, are you?)