Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mallett and Loeffler to UCLA. . .

Not So Fast My Friend.

As I've said before, Mallett and Loeffler don't exactly see eye to eye (well, sure, figuratively and literally, Mallett being 6'7" and Loeffler 6'1" or so). The rumors of Mallett to UCLA with Ricky Hollywood from the Toledo Blade (only rumor here, no facts) seem plausible enough. Except that Loeffler has also been mentioned. In fact, the Loeffler rumor appears to have actual fact attached to it.

So, if there's any truth to the rumblings that Loeffler and Mallett aren't getting along, Mallett may not be transferring to UCLA. I hope not. I'd like to see him playing a Glenville State style Rodriguez "spread". You know, the kind that Henne just played against Florida.

The one that looks like Ryan Mallett's high school team:

Either way, look for Steven Threet to give Pryor and/or Mallett a run for the starter/platoon position. I look for RM to stay through spring ball and figure whether he can cut it. Of course, that would require some maturation on his part -- which according to Lloyd he may be starting to find. As Lloyd has so often said, 18 year olds will make mistakes. And Mallett, if you're reading this, you and you're dad should really look at the above youtube, while remembering that crazy scramble for TD this year vs. the JoPa Lions. Don't make the mistake to go play out west with Ricky Hollywood. Well, unless, you can't run an offense prolific at Glenville State.