Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Terrelle Pryor

Now that Ryan Mallett is gone, the door now open to Terrelle Pryor to compete with Threet for the starting position next year, or at the likely minimum to platoon time with Threet. As of yesterday, Terrelle Pryor is supposedly down to Florida, Oregon, Tosu, Michigan (and Duke). Of the teams that actually run a spread (or version of it) that he would be comfortable in, the contenders get smaller: Michigan, Oregon and maybe Florida. Michigan was added, as you know, when it hired RRod.

On Dec. 16, the day that Rodriguez accepted the Wolverines' position, Pryor was driving to the local mall when he received a phone call from Rodriguez. "He showed me a lot of respect by saying I want you to know this before you see it on the news," says Pryor, who will play in the U.S. Army All-American game in San Antonio on Sunday. "I immediately considered Michigan again because of his [spread] offense."

Perhaps you read the quote a week or so ago that he didn't know who to trust, as in whether teams would really play the spread offense or not. Obviously he was referring to Tosu and to a lesser extent Florida. But he actually has come right out and expressed concern about Tosu in the past:

“That concerns me about Ohio State because they’ve never run an offense like the one we run at my high school or that they run at West Virginia, Florida, Oregon or other places. I’d like to see them run it first so I could believe they’ll change it but I’m obviously not going to get to see that so it creates doubt.”

the Rock of Journalistic Integrity as you may know it, the NYT Quad Blog, also notes the discrepancy between his addition of Oregon lately, where it did not appear only a couple weeks ago. Perhaps Oregon has simply taken WVU's spot. Or perhaps he's really down to Florida and Michigan. Either way, Oregon has been percolating on Pryor's list for some time. How seriously is anyone's guess -- though he has not visited (The only school which he has formally visited in Tosu).

This is taken from a Rivals board, and appears courtesy of In an old December 11 article in SI, he says:
"Oregon is now on my list," said the 6-foot-6, 235-pounder. "I spoke with coach Mike Bellotti this week when he came out to visit. I think he was in New York with Dennis Dixon for some award anyhow, but they've been recruiting me hard for a long time and I really like the offense. They run pretty much the same stuff that we do. I'm thinking about taking an official visit out there."

And, while Pryor doesn't expect to start August 30, 2008, he is interested, real surprise huh, in early playing time. Re Oregon:
"The quarterback situation out there looks pretty good as well. I don't believe anyone who tells me I'll play from snap one, that's just not the way it works but coach Bellotti never told me that, he was honest and up front."

He also says he's not going to announce until signing day:

"I don't have a leader right now, I'm staying open and I'm not going to decide until Signing Day. I still have some other visits to schedule. I might trip out to Oregon, I am looking at Florida and Tennessee and I've seen Penn State a lot so I'm just focusing on finishing our season undefeated."

Which he did. And here are some highlights, and an interview. The highlights are choppy, but there is a good touchdown catch by Pryor shown. The interview alone is worth the time. I won't spoil the youtube for you, but will say that I like the Jeanette Jayhawk offensive philosophy.

Crazy. A high school senior with his own football card.