Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buckstache Alert

James Jahnke wants extra tickets to Oohi State Games. He says Terrelle Pryor would be better becoming a buckeye than a Wolverine. His rationale is pretty dim. Like this:

Rich Rodriguez’s zone-read offense is tailor-made for Pryor.

And this:

The other advantage for a quarterback avoiding a straight-up zone-read offense is longevity. Every time Pryor runs the ball, he risks blowing out his knee. He would, of course, also run at OSU, but not as much as at U-M. You can get hurt in the pocket, too, but it’s much safer in there than out on the edge, trying to juke safeties and linebackers diving at your legs every play.

And, what?
If he were to attend OSU, he’d probably back up incumbent Todd Boeckman next fall, playing a series here and there and causing havoc in the red zone. Then, after Boeckman graduates, the offense is all his in 2009. Sound like Tim Tebow’s career to anyone.

Oh yeah, and this gem:
This will be mostly a business decision for Pryor. If he wants to start right away, it’s Ann Arbor. But if he wants to groom himself for an NFL future – and know what it’s like to win the last game of the regular season – it’s Columbus.

Of all of this fantastic rationale, the only one with any shred of truth is the last. I mean, if Terrelle Pryor is really interested in a "business decision" like, for instance. Maurice Claurette, he would certainly choose to attend Tosu. Hey Terrelle, if you are looking for cash the next 3 years, go to Tosu.

And, one other thing, This Janke fellow, turns out he's an unabashed Tosu apologist, AND a Spartan. Wow. No wonder he wants Pryor to attend Tosu:

When the MSU football team beat top-ranked Ohio State in 1998, I cried for two days. I walked around campus with my head down for the rest of the month, muttering under my breath how ironic it was that my own school ruined everything for me and my favorite team.

Last football season, I stood like a pillar of Buckeye hope, smack dab in the middle of the Spartan student section. My student section. The place where I have held season tickets during my entire collegiate career.

Nice objectivity, friend. Good to see you let us know your unbiased opinion in your crap article. Thanks to Chris Burke for pointing out the bias.