Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Weight Room

Mark Snyder has a good article in today's freep here on Barwis. Barwis sounds intense. Word of warning, don't be late to practice:

"Our previous strength and conditioning coach didn't do half of what Barwis did. I don't want to say it was a joke, but with that coach before, if we were late for a workout by a few minutes, we'd have to do 10 up-downs. If we were half a minute late for a Barwis workout, we'd have to do a tire workout, extra conditioning and put on heavy vests and run the stadium steps for as long as he wanted.

Michigan replaced all of the existing equipment, as you've heard. And, apparently Barwis is hard enough on players that some have left the WVU program. He hopes that doesn't happen here, and says the players are dedicated enough to make that realistic.

"In the past, people have moved away from the program because, historically, maybe it was a little too difficult for them or the workload was a little bit more than they wanted," Barwis said. "I hope that doesn't happen here. We've got tremendous athletes with great attitudes, and I don't think it's going to happen. If it does and it's too much for them, then the program comes first and the success of the program is what's important.

But, you can bet that there will be some attrition. Oh, and there will apparently be many that find the equipment pictured above useful:

"He would kill us all throughout the year," Serena said. "I would say, over the summer, that probably hurt you the most. You'd come back from home, and he would start the hypertrophy, the opposite of atrophy. It was very high reps and very little rest time. For us, it was the bench press for tight ends and linemen, four sets of 12. You'd get off the bench after one, do 10 clap push-ups, have about a minute rest, then go again.

"He'd strategically place garbage cans throughout weight rooms, because guys like myself would puke in them. It shocks your muscles into getting used to what's coming."