Monday, November 26, 2007

What is Old?

I don't buy at face value the Iowa AD comments. There have been many rumors today that no offer has been made. I agree, and have agreed, that no such offer has been made. However, I don't buy that he has not been contacted.

DeBord has been contacted. By now English has been contacted. It sure looks like LSU AD was contacted last week -- leading to the comment about ok to coach LSU for MNC game.

The Iowa AD said that he had not been contacted in an article published in an Iowa paper on 11/19. That's old news. The quotes from Mlive and the Demoines paper today don't state explicitly when the Barta quote was given. Are the Mlive and Demoines quotes merely a rehash of something last week?

In fact, the Iowa paper which deflects contact attributes only ONE quote from Barta today:

Any discussions I've had with or about Kirk have been focused on
improving the Hawks in 2008,? Barta responded today.

Well. Okay. But what about your contact with the Michigan athletic department? And the Mlive blurb says nada, with no dates.

Mgoblog is sticking by its sources. The poster on RCMB (dantonizzo) sounds legit regarding multiple sources. So, my bet, there have been informal coummunications and a statement from Michigan AD to Iowa AD regarding contact. The Iowa AD denial is probably old. It may also be based on semantics regarding a "request for permission" as opposed to a call indicating that reps of Michigan would be contacting Ferentz.

I bet we've contacted LSU and Iowa by now. No offers. And, Les is choice 1A or 1B depending on whether you're talking to Bill Martin, Lloyd Carr or Mary Sue Coleman. Choices 1C and D: Gruden and Chuck Martin or maybe, just maybe (--calling out Brian now -- ) Tedford? Cuz, dude, if we're up to paying the cash for Ferentz or Miles, we're also up to paying the cash for Tedford or Gruden.