Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mantonio vs. Mike Hart's Little Brother

As you know, Mike Hart compared the Spartans to a little brother after Michigan came back to lead and went on to victory with 2 touchdowns in about four minutes. Like the brother that you let hang around, and then beat his ass with 4 straight blocked shots and 5 hoops in row in the driveway. You can find the audio of Mike's comment here.

It's hard to tell from the camera angle below, but Dantonio is huge. He's like Jake Long size, really -- or at least inside that very cloudy skull he's 6'6" 280, minimum. I like to call him bigMantonio--or just Mantonio for short. Mantonio comment:

Yesterday, Mike called Mantonio. I have obtained a super secret copy of that conversation between Mike and Mantonio which I obtained with my super stealthy blogger sleuth skills:

Mike Hart: Hey, Mantonio, I want to apologize for comparing you to a little brother. I was just excited to beat you every year of my Michigan career, and heythat's six straight, you know. It's no big deal though, M, I mean you called out my man Terrance, you installed a clock to count down time to your one game season, AND you asked your players all week to refuse to bow down to Michigan.

Mantonio: Well, you see, Mike, I'd really like to hold on to this job for awhile, it's real important for me. I mean, you know, Mike, I don't have a pro career headed my way. I need to milk this baby a little longer than John L. did. I need to build some confidence and kickass attitude here in East Lansing.

Mike Hart: I know how you feel. You know my little brother told me the same thing the other day. I beat him every time we play. He's just an average ball player, and I'm well, pretty good, M.

Mike Hart: The problem, Mantonio, is that while I know you're not threatening, my little brother is pretty offended that you asked whether he existed. Really, M, you should know better. And, he's a tough little bugger. I mean, hey, he's not as tough as me, but he'll still kick your ass, M: