Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I hate Ohio State. Michigan hates Ohio State. Hell, I call itTofu (The ohio fuck up). Which is an apt name, by the way for Huntington Bank Stadium -- which they call something else in bucknut country. And, though we don't need any more reason to beat Tofu than the mere fact that they exist, I'll offer up some reminders this week. Please comment or email with your reasons, and I'll get them up here.

#1) Michigan is undefeated last year and heads to Columbus for The Game. OSU has been ranked #1 the entire year. At OSU, we play them tight, and but for a really shitty call on Shawn Crable have a chance to take the lead. Instead, the personal foul is a first down and leads to a touchdown. Still, we manage to come back with a chance at the end. In the end, a 42-39 loss. The Rose Bowl seems the likely destination for M, until USC, then number 2 in the nation loses to lowly UCLA. Michigan is amazingly passed by for the MNC by Florida, after Urban Creyer pleads his case to the world.

Jim Tressel pulled this:

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel chose to abstain in this weekend's coaches poll instead of helping decide which team he would face in the title game. It was a move that Carr would only touch on briefly.

"I thought it was real slick," said Carr, who also said he could not see any situation where he would give up his vote.

Don't think for a second that Lloyd has let our team forget that slight last year. Kick his ass, Michigan.