Monday, November 26, 2007

And. . . . .

Is this a fake. John Miller is a radio host.

Quick question for you, as I want to establish your timeline

Is this the post that you believe 'started it all'?

Trust me, if someone pulls of a hoax of this magnitude, I would stand and laugh and laugh at myself, too. I just want to make sure I am following you here.
That would be the one. Here is how it went down:

3:00 pm 11/24 - I was reading and saw that some guy was on Fox Sports Radio saying that Ferentz was the #1 canidate on the list.

4:53 pm 11/24 - I decide, after reading the Michigan rivals board that it would be hilarious to make up an obviously fake rumor just to see thier reaction. I even go so far to show it is fake by listing Ron Christensen as the "rock solid" source.

I follow this up by posting that thread you show above here at letting everyone here in on the joke.

11:47 pm 11/24 - After seeing the melt down in the first thread, I decide to push the stupidity even further. I post the following thread:

This, along with the "Ferentz seen spotted boarding UM private plane in Chicago" really start to cause a riot on the Michigan board and soon after

From there it just took on a life of it's own. Sunday morning comes and we all see that some idiot blogger has the balls to not only post a blatantly false rumor disguised as a real scoop, he actually references the original posts as back up to his source.

The rest of the day on Sunday (11/25) we just would post things like "Ferentz seen at local deli in Ann Arbor" and "Ferentz wife puts in an offer on a house". HIG / Doug Lambert had a big part in these.

Then around 4:00 pm, the Michigan board posts everything up as front page news. I then make a post in thier premium area telling them the whole thing was a joke and they ban me and delete the thread.

Next thing I know, Jon Miller is on the air and WHO is reporting on the whole debacle.

Hope this helps.
Personally, I don't believe this is a hoax. Where does the info from RCMB come from? No, this is very likely mutual interest by both parties. I still don't buy a firm offer has been made. But, it sure looks like it may have.