Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Miles Ahead

Les Miles was interviewed by Tirico yesterday. As you know, Tirico is an Ann Arbor resident, and relatively close to goings on in Ann Arbor. It's no surprise that he would do an interview, in which he professes his love for the University of Michigan, calls Lloyd a GREAT coach, and says he is doing exactly what Bo would do, on that radio show the same week that information regarding Lloyd's retirement is "leaked". (I doubt sincerely this "leak" was by accident. Lloyd has likley known for some time this would be his last season. He likely promised Hart, Henne and Jake that he's stick around through their last year, and he's made good on that promise.)

The full article citing the Tirico interview is by a writer from Louisiana. Here is the interesting part of that article:

Miles, speaking on ESPN’s Mike Tirico radio show
Tuesday, also did his best
Trindon Holliday end run around the issue.
“Well,” he said, “I’ve got to
be real honest with you. I’m doing what Bo
(Schembechler, the late Michigan
coach) would do. He says, ‘Hey, you worry
about the job you’ve got. Don’t
worry about anything else. Coach the guys
and the team that you are
responsible for.’

That’s sensible, except when you think that’s what Miles was doing
right up
to the end of the 2004 Alamo Bowl before he left Oklahoma State for
LSU. “I’m not paying attention to what-ifs,” Miles said, before letting
and blue color his words. “Coach Carr’s a great coach, and he should
stay as
long as he’s able, and I’ll root for that team, not only this
Saturday, but
every Saturday that I’m alive. I give little or no thought to
any other

Now, I believe, unlike those in denial, that the decisions to offer by Michigan and to accept by Miles have already been made. (Please recall the manner in which Martin "interviewed" and hired Beilien). The comments by Miles are anything but a denial, as they have been all season.

To me, the interesting slip is that Miles said "able". Unlike Martin, who says that Lloyd can coach for as long as he wants. This would seem to confirm the idea that Lloyd does have some illness -- which many have thought for some time.

Despite whatever recruiting rifts may have developed between Michigan and LSU/Miles about Jai Eugene or negative recruiting, I cannot imagine that Lloyd would hold such a grudge against Miles as to not look beyond that to see that Miles, even moreso than Bo is a Michigan Man able to carry forward and communicate to recruits and players the great tradition and privilege to play at Michigan.