Friday, September 05, 2008

Miami Guess

Note to self, this week shall not be a prediction (last week's was denoted a "prediction" -- see how that turned out!) Anyway, it's been a quandry around these parts. There is no possible way for a part time blogger like me to keep up with the gazillions of press conferences and public appearances by Rich the Rod Roddy Piper Rodriguez. If you bother to read the freep, the detnews, the Carty Crapper, and, yup,, you're getting at least 10x the info you got last year from reading those sources plus the competent blogs, rivals, etc (don't include me in the competetent blog category).

So what is it that this blog has denegrated to? I dont know. Computer issues last week forbade me from posting. Ahhhhh. Sweeet Rich you are spared the wrath of the Ron English Spankboard.

So, what is it that we are left with. For this week, simple. The Michigan Miami guess (note that this will not be a prediction). Here it is:

Repeat last week for opening and halftime. Save, perhaps the Blues Brothers at half.
Steven Threet starts.
First play, zone read right FAKE long pass right to Matthews, but a check to the rb left.
Michigan 68 yards rushing 1st quarter, 50 yards passing. 10-0 Michigan.
By halftime, Michigan 17- Miami 3. Carlos Brown has 35, Minor 20, McGuffie 50 on a long run. Threet has played the whole way.

Michigan stops Miami 3 and out first possesion. Bubble right for 30 yards, followed by 5 plays and in. 24-3 Michigan.

By the end of the third quarter, Michigan has given up 13. Score 27-13. Uugh. This does not bode well for the game next week.

Sheridan enters with 14 minutes in the 4th. Qb keeper fake, and Miami safety burned long for a touch. Michigan 31- Miami 13.

Final Score Michigan 31, Miami 16.

Domers: We will, we will Whalerock You.