Sunday, September 21, 2008

Couch Fire!

Gomer Pyle?

No, that may be generous. I'm thinking Barney Fife.

And, the couches are now fully aflame:

I have never been so embarrassed than last night.
Stewert is no head coach he looked confused and clueless on the sidelines last night. It appears his playbook is about 3 plays thick. Devine student body right and left and the qb draw. What a drive killer he is with the play calling 3 and short well lets pass, oops almost intercepted. 2 minutes to go in regulation lets not try to get out of bounds or run a few high success plays to get some yardage to let pat try a field goal. I am totally disgusted and I bleed the blue and gold of WV, have since I was 6. Last night was a disgrace. I knew we were going to have problems with Stewert when he made the comment before the first game that he doesn't do the coaching, that's why he has coaches that do that kinda stuff. Well Bill what exactly do you do? All I can say is we have the exact same line as last year, a line that continually opened holes for the running game and its gone what has Bill Stewert done to that line? What has Bill Stewart done to the Mountaineers? Bill needs to step down he is way out of his league at WV. Bill is just a good ole boy from West Virginia and not BCS Championship coaching material.

Posted on: 9/19 12:35 pm

Comparisons to Bobby Williams here. And, the Appalachian-Americans have even created their own still shot video: