Monday, December 03, 2007

Terry Foster and Me

Looks like Bill is moving on. Terry Foster thinks (note oximoron) Miles is coming to UM. When Terry Foster speaks the same opinion I stated here, I begin to question myself. FWIW, this is the press release from Bill Martin tonight.

"This past weekend, the media frenzy before and after the SEC Championship game concerning the head-coaching fate of Les Miles did indeed take on a life of its own. I want to set the record straight as it concerns Michigan's process in its head-coaching search. We asked LSU for permission to talk to Les Miles last week and we were given permission to talk to Les but not until after the SEC Championship game on Saturday. Les Miles was one of our candidates. I did not talk to Les Miles or his agent this past week in accordance with the wishes of Skip Bertman and the LSU Athletic Department. This morning I did speak with Les' agent (George Bass) and he reaffirmed what Les said during his press conference yesterday -- that he was staying at LSU. We wish Les and the LSU Athletic Department the best of luck in the future. As for Michigan, we are continuing with the process we established and will continue to talk with and research our list of candidates."

The only thing that I can say here, that would shed any doubt about this as being a final done deal is this: Les has not signed a contract; Martin says "we . . . will continue to talk with and research our list of candidates" which includes Miles; and that yesterday, Les said "I represent myself", so the fact that BM spoke to Bass today, may be additional smoke. I doubt it, but it's possible. Discount this possibility significantly now that Foster thinks Miles is still going to be the coach.