Monday, December 03, 2007

God changed His mind...again.

Alex Legion's mother talks to God. She is a prophetess. She moved to Lexington to be with Alex at UK and to speak the Word to the 25 members of the parish she joined. God wanted all of this. Now God changed his mind. Legion has asked for, and will be granted a transfer from Kentucky, after 7 games. Reports are that he doesn't like Gillespie. My guess is that he ends up in Minnesota with Tubby Smith. Would Beilein entertain the idea of him recommiting to Michigan? After decommiting already twice? I guess we just have to wait for God to have time to ponder this decision.

Update: Legion's high school coach says he is interested in returning to Michigan. And this from his Oak Hill coach:

Steve Smith, who coached Legion for one season at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va., told The Detroit News on Thursday that Legion discussed with him earlier this week the possibility of donning the maize and blue.

"Alex asked me if I thought he would fit their style of play," said Smith, who was also asked by Legion about Notre Dame. "I guess, as a coach, he figured I would know. I don't watch those teams that much, so I can't say, 'Hey, you're a perfect fit,' or, 'You're not a perfect fit.'

We could use some more talent, but geeissh. I don't think I want him.