Friday, December 07, 2007

Michigan Contacts 2006 Coaches of the Year

Greg Schiano

I really like the look by Bill Martin to Greg Schiano. Classy guy. Great academic success with his team at Rutgers. I think he would make an outstanding coach. I actually like him better as a coach than Les. And, the upside is significantly better, including that Schiano is only 41, 13 years younger than Les. With Schiano, we'd be looking at a 20 year type hire conceivably. Apparently, Bill is looking to hire his own Bo. He won the 2006 coach of the year award.

Fittingly, here is an interview with Kirk Scoop Herbstreit:

In football terms, Schiano would carry on with the pro style offense, which allows Michigan the opportunity to keep winning with our current skill position talent. Namely, Ryan Mallett or Steven Threet. His offenses will also run the ball a lot, which is nothing new.

You probably know that one of Schiano's catch phrases is "keep chopping", as in chopping wood. If hired, our little brother may never see this again:

Sean Payton

And, we have now contacted NFL coaches: Sean Payton. Gruden likely has also been contacted by now. Payton, like Schiano is in his early 40's and could coach for a long time. He was born in San Mateo, California, the hometown of Tom Brady,and grew up in Naperville. This is a very big contact, as Payton probably is making a little more than 3 million a year. As you know, the Saints went to the NFC conference championship last year. Payton was the 2006 NFL coach of the year. He is known as a quarterback guru. He likes guys that want to win:

Martin is going balls out. He didn't want Miles.