Sunday, December 23, 2007

Assistant Coaches

Rod fired everyone. And, now he's rehiring. What we think:

Fred Jackson: Fred has already been rehired. Consensus that this is a positive development for the recrutiment of one Sam McGuffie, youtuber extraordinaire. Want = 80% Probability = done.

Erick Campbell: This guy is a flat out great coach. And, he's a very solid recruiter. He should stay. Want = 85%. Probability 50%.

Scott Loeffler: Wildcard. I think he's a great quarterback's coach. He has recruited well, and helped develop some outstanding quarterback talent. The Wildcard part comes in with the spread running offense. We know Loeffler can teach dropback qb's. Can he teach a spread qb to read the defense too. Probably. We'll see. Want = 75%. Probability = 35% Want would be higher if not for the new potentially running based offensive qbs. Oh, and since Loeffler and Mallet don't get along (read Mallet immaturity here), consider a transfer by Mallet to be indicative of Loeffler staying, or if Mallet stays that Loeffler probably isn't.

Mike Debord: Want = 0%. Probability = done, as in NO WAY, Rod has an OC/Asst. coming with him.

Ron English: Want = 50%. Probability = well that depends. Is he willing to take a demotion? If so probability = 60%. If not, 10% (assuming they name the DC coming with Rod as an Asst. H.C. or something which allows for essentially 2 DC's -- which is also unlikely.) Ron is a good young coach. He should become an average to good head coach within the next 5 years assuming he is willing to use this as a jump to another power conference DC position (Washington?) or to an HC at a lower level (something like a San Jose State).

Vance Bedford: Want = 80%. Probability = 50% Vance is a good coach, who has really brought along several db's, including Donavon Warren, who was terrific in his true freshman year -- and Morgan Trent, who's progress at Michigan has been nothing short of fantastic. Morgan has gone from a liability to a defensive asset.

Andy Moeller: Want = not really. Probability = 5%.

Steve Stripling: Want = 20%. Probability = 60% His name has been mentioned as a possible rehire. The D Line progress has been, well, meehh.