Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow. Another Presser!

I think this makes three.

The over under is 5. The Huge show. Really. Here goes.

Rod says that competing in practice equals will. I don't agree. You can practice as hard as you want. Compete every play. But, ultimately, that does not have anything to do with, nor does translate to having players and coaches, and a Unit that has the will to win, the will to overcome the adversity in the game, and to take it to the next level. At this point, the next level is a victory.

Feagin has repped some. But doesn't sound like he's a viable alternative based on what appears to be an insurmountable lack of experience.


He says the rumors have been unbelievable. Clemson. Decommits. Etc, etc. He clearly doesn't get it. He has been treated with the ultimate Kid Gloves. It is amazing, to me, that he would even hint at fans, or anyone, complaining about his performance. Read Mgoblog. Read it this year. Read it last year. Read it in '06. Do the same for the other blogs. The amazing thing is that Ricardo has been given a free pass for a 2-5 season where the team has looked like it is often without a gameday coach. Yet, many of the same people chastised Lloyd Carr because we didn't beat OSU in '06. Listen, Ricardo, if you think you have it bad now, imagine what will happen if you go 2-5 next year.

Of course, all of this is compounded by continued remarks that He Ricardo is going to rebuild Michigan. Here he says the goal is to get Michigan back to a top 10 team. Hello? Where is that we have been the last 10 years?

2007 AP #18/espn #19
2006 AP #6/espn usa today #9
2005 unranked
2004 AP #14/espn usa today #12
2003 AP #6/espn usa today #7
2002 AP #9/espn usa today #9
2001 AP #20/espn usa today #20
2000 AP #11/espn usa today #10
1999 AP #5/espn usa today #5
1998 AP #12
1997 Nat'l Champs!

So yeah. We must have just sucked.

Rich: Suck it up. Knock it off. Coach your offense. Coach your players. Hold a few less press conferences. And, maybe talk to Lloyd about how to draw up some sophisticated pass routes. We like you. We are giving you a chance. We want you to succeed. But, we don't want to be reminded how awful the Michigan program performed before you, our savior, appeared on the scene!

Transcript of Monday Presser here.