Friday, October 31, 2008

Hopefully . . .

Joe's Gone Fishin' tomorrow and the snake oil salesman gets him. (P.S. I do know that there's a white margin on the right side of this image, but, I figured, if Michigan's offense can play halfass, and our secondary covers halfass, and our coaches coach at best halfass, then dammit, on Halloween Night, I can post a halfass Tiller retirement image while watching Appalachian State vs. Woffard play for something meaningful!)

Wilford Brimley is Old, But . . .

He's all for instant gratification. In fact he brought it to us, and paved the way for Rich:

"Young people like to throw and catch and run around and high five each other and enjoy having fun playing the game," Tiller said. "I think the style of offense is a fun style, I guess, to participate in."

Tiller, who graduated from Montana State in 1965 with a B.S. degree in secondary education, sounds more like a sociologist when he talks about the spread.

"It's almost, to me, a reflection of our society, in that things can happen in an instant in the spread offense," Tiller said. "I often times refer to our society as being an instant gratification society, so the spread offense fits right in. We've just done our part to help America be better."

Like I said, Joe may be old, but he knows foxy ladies.

Foxy LaFon, that is. Foxy is a secretary for Wilford Brimley. Wilford is happy. Wilford spared Foxy from the 2005 Purdue Purge.

It's come to this. There's nothing interesting to say in preview of the actual game. We're 2 and 6. It's likely this is our last best chance at a win, especially coming off the loss to the bill board toutin' chumps from toiletville.

I guess I could say that Michigan is about last in pass defense, and Purdue isn't very good. But, you already knew that.


Michigan 47, Purdue 200

Oh, that was total first half yardage.

Let's try a score: Purdue 31 Michigan 20.

Go Blue!