Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I Am Disturbed

Best comment I've heard from Rodriguez all fall.

"The number of big plays was really disturbing".

He sounded upset. I've got to say, that this might have been the best example of a genuine statement from this staff that they realize they have failed in coaching. Finally. Hey, I can accept the fact that you tried to come up with a scheme, tried to get the players to learn the plays, but couldn't do it. This is significant progress from the continued mantra about how well the team is improving in practice, and how the offensive staff has THE gameplan and preparation, but execution failed. I'm actually glad hear this self critique, which seemed genuine, even if directed at the defensive staff. After all, Rodriguez knows he's responsible for the D ultimately.

On the other hand, the clip may also be one of the best examples of poor coaching and strategy. On a critical 3rd and 3, State is offsides, but the call isn't made. The left side of the line doesn't move. Threet throw downfield to Matthews incomplete, as the offense apparently tries something of a trick play. The same thing happened in a game between Tulsa on Sunday night, only the penalty was called. Shaun King was doing color on the game. He explained that the play is called the Freeze Play. The idea is to emphasize the off sides. But, why? If its offsides, run the play with all 11 players.

"We tell them assume the penalty won't be called."

Then why would you handicap yourself by throwing the ball away on a 1 receiver route? If the penalty isn't called, then you've got more than one option by not runnig the "freeze". And if it is, it's a Free Play, not a freeze.

I like Steven Threet. I think he's been tough. From watching only 8/12ths of my first season of this Spread thingymajigg Rodriguez keeps talking about, it's clear to me that he has improved, and that he can run the ball to a degree. He is light years beyond the 2nd string quarterback in abilty, if not decision making. But, in the comment for the video above, there was a reference about Rodriguez knowing what has to be done to win.

And if there wasn't any question to what he was referring, it should be clear here when he may as well have said "We expect Tate Forcier to compete and start":

"Some of the needs will be addressed in recruiting, which is obvious".

We've Got To Get More Athletic on Defense