Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm rekindling this blog,  because there is a very real dearth of reasonable talk on the Michigan dedicated blogosphere about Brady Hoke, our coaches, and our team. 

Rather, there seems to be a continuing attack against our coaches, some legit, but a lot far overblown.  You know the reasons:

 . . . doesn't wear a headset
. . . you've had your guys, why can't you win
. . . can't win on the road
 . . .  senior quarterback

The list continues, but these are primary points you've heard, again and again.  Some bloggers who claim to be beat writers, have even gone so far as to sell their tickets, and then write about the game after watching it on TV.  They say Brady Hoke must go.  One in particular, knows very little about football, but claims to know how to coach.

Let's end this bs now!  We've a promising team in Ann Arbor.  The problem is that our talent is young.  Our line is young.  Better than last year, maybe,  but younger than last year.  We've predictably taken a step back in pass  blocking after losing senior tackles, but at least we can now runthe ball 3 - 5 yards up the middle regularly.

Now is NOT THE TIME TO GET ON THE COACHES AND CALL FOR THEIR HEADS!.  Now IS THE TIME to rally behind our players, and bite your tongues about the coaches.  These guys yhave recruited extraordinarily well.  They continue to do so. 

Did you expect to win with freshman and sophomore linemen?  Bear with the team.  Bear with your school.  Bear with its coaches.  Next year, if this team continues to play as it is now, I will eat my hat and deservedly so.  But with the youth on offense, and the very unfavorable schedule, be patent and foforgiving, and most importantly cheer loudly. 

The last thing we want is a coaching change at this point.  The foundation is in.  The house looks like  ccrap with tyvek, but once the siding's up, things will look much, much better.