Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Conquering Hereos Philosophy

The rumors of the Conquering Heroes demise were largely overstated. We write this blog for our enjoyment and satisfaction, not yours. If you want to read and contribute, we welcome you. But, ultimately, we have jobs, and family, and choose not to live in our basements confined to the dark, damp, lightless dwellings as do countless other webligans* who flourish the interwebs. And, so it is that from time to time, whether we are too depressed from Michigan's ghastly football season, busy at things that actually matter, or listening to a golden retriever bark at a chickadee from the window, we may not post daily, or weekly, or even monthly. There are no apologies from the Conquering Heroes for our posting habits. It is what it is. We do not write this blog for money. This blog is for our enjoyment, and we hope that if y0u read this blog it brings you infinite enjoyment that cannot be matched by any other life experience, or at least that you crack a smile, or learn something about Michigan Sports.

*"webligan". A noun that describes one, often a basement dweller, who practices acts of webliganism. Webliganism is the act,character and propensity of a person to commit acts of violence, malice, or general discredit to objects or person through the written word posted on interwebs, blogs, or message boards for self gratification. (note: This blog has, and will continue to exhibit fleeting characteristics of weliganism, especially directed to Ohio State Buckeyes, Buckstaches, or Sparty, however, as these occasional references do not envelope the identity of this blog, its authors cannot legitimately be called "webligans")