Wednesday, November 05, 2008


That's the number the spread should be if Nick plays the whole game Saturday. Which is possible. Word is that S. Threet may be out with a concussion. Believe it or not, the spread as of tonight is hovering at 7.5 - 8.0. And, it hasn't moved much at all from the open. So, apparently, the makers already knew, or they don't expect a major offensive drop off. I do. And, with Rod's propensity to run the hurry up regardless of how many 3 and outs we have, or the time in the game, it could get real ugly.

If Threet doesn't play, we may get to seee Feagin. They've already burned a year of eligibility for him on special teams, and Feagin has been moved back to qb, at least for now. We'll see. As immature as he may be, it would be intersting to see a speedster back there, just for kicks.

Hope Threet plays. Otherwise it may be a 36 point game.

Conference Call.


Darryl Stonum has been charged with dui. He'll play though. He was disciplined on the 4th when Michigan

Rod is preaching opportunity for recruits.

Drew Sharp asked whether Michigan will be like 'Bama next year.

Asked what he knows about the Jug: "I think it goes back a hundred years"