Thursday, May 03, 2007

Restless Morgantowners Disenfranchised with Local Barristers

At least one writer is wondering why John Beilein didn't have to pay 2.5 million on his buyout. While not the brightest bulb nor the sharpest knife he points out what many in Appalachia must be wondering: Where's all of our skilled lawyers we graduate from this fine institution? (Well, that might be generous -- more likely "Gosh Golly Jimmy Ray Billy Bob, how done Coach Beeeline only pay the 'teers one and a half of Darrell Waltrip's Nas Cars?) The answer according the Charleston Daily:

Those who negotiated and put the pact together neglected to include specific instructions as to how and when the buyout should be paid.

That's where the blame shifts to David Hardesty Jr., the university's lame-duck president, and WVU general counsel Tom Dorer.

Aren't both of them lawyers with supposedly good legal minds?

Don't blame Athletic Director Ed Pastilong, though. The last time I looked, he didn't have a degree from WVU's College of Law.

Maybe that WVU law degree don't mean so much after all, Jimmy Ray Billy Bob.